Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enough with the Stalling; Let's Get Procrastinating!

As with everything else, if I am truly serious about getting my office to look like this and stop from looking like this, I must make my list (where'd I put that pencil?):

  • Clean computer desktop; file all files
  • Lighten the load and trash the trash
  • Take trip to IKEA for inspiration (enjoy meatball lunch as reward)
  • Plan new layout
  • Execute new layout (enjoy meatball lunch as reward)
  • Take trip to office store for stuff that will keep me organized
I'm thinking this is a month-long project.
Most people would take one week and get it all done, but I want to be a generous boss to myself.
If I like the way I'm being managed, I may surprise myself by finishing the project ahead of schedule.

Yep, that's what I'll do: undersell but overdeliver.

Maybe I'll get a reward for my all my fabulous efforts.

Woo, I'm winded. Enough work for today.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My intention in creating this blog is two-fold:

1. Learn how to create and manage a blog

2. Bring some type of order to my workspace (my PC desktop image suggests the bigger problem)

If Spring is a time for cleaning, then there is no better opportunity to make this brave journey. Heaven knows: I definitely don’t have an excuse to prolong the inevitable.

Something has got to be done.

To put it into TV terms, my work area is far removed from anything you would see on The Office and much closer to what you would see in the front yard on Sanford and Son.

Wish me luck.